Senior Fitness

With CAREFYL, you receive a balanced training program with endurance training, strength training, and yoga.

Our sports and nutrition program was specially developed for people ages 60 – 80.

We offer a comprehensive online sports program for seniors. Our exercises were reviewed for feasibility and safety by Paul Kröger, a physiotherapist, nutrition coach, and trainer, with the help of his physiotherapy center, Sportphysio Kröger.

With CAREFYL, you will receive regularly updated training videos, which include your choice of endurance training, yoga, mobility training, or strength training. The exercises are easy on the joints, explained in detail, suitable for all levels, and offer a range of intensities.


In addition, we offer online training with a personal trainer, as well as healthy recipes to incorporate into your daily nutrition regimen.

Well-rounded, comprehensive plan

Our strength training consists of targeted movements to strengthen your muscles. This plan doesn’t involve weights and can be performed with resistance bands for increased difficulty. Our endurance training program will improve your cardiovascular health. Our yoga and mobility training will stretch your ligaments, improve your sense of balance, and prevent injury.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users

The program is ideal for beginners, as all exercises are explained in full detail. You can adjust the level of difficulty of your training, so advanced users also benefit from the same exercises. To increase difficulty, you can increase the number of repetitions, train with a resistance band, and if so, determine the appropriate level of resistance band (i.e., light, medium, or heavy resistance).

A healthier lifestyle through exercise and balanced meals

Strength and endurance training can help prevent: joint pain (knee pain, tennis elbow), arthritis, vascular dementia, diabetes, heart disease, incontinence, cancer, thrombosis, back problems, herniated discs, obesity, osteoporosis, and more, giving you a hugely increased quality of life and letting you enjoy so much more in the golden years!

Healthy recipes

Choose from our selection of healthy, well-balanced recipes for a more well-rounded diet, giving you all the nutrition you need to lead a healthier life.

Online personal training

Whether you’d like to improve your training techniques or simply increase your motivation during your training journey, we offer online personal training for an additional charge.


The overall concept of CAREFYL was designed by a certified yoga teacher and checked for safety by physiotherapist, nutrition coach, and trainer Paul Kröger.

What we offer

No ads (with the subscription-based program)

Downloadable exercises to discuss with your doctor

Exercises that are gentle on the joints (i.e., no jumping)

Training you can tailor to your personal needs

Weight-free exercises

Build muscle to better navigate everyday life

Introductory video explaining training basics and foundational skills

Full explanations of exercises during each video

Print out exercises and train without internet access

CAREFYL develops safe sports and nutrition programs in collaboration with specialists. Each training program is made for specific groups of people to achieve specific long-term goals without risking injury. We would like to support you in integrating various sports techniques and exercise basics into your life and help you gain the skills necessary to carry them out later without our help. It is important that our customers can stay fit at home without being afraid or needing supervision. We will help you regain self-confidence and become stronger and more independent in the long run. 


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Your Team from CAREFYL

Riya Varghes

Personal Trainer

Alexandra Potthoff


Paul Kröger

Senior Physiotherapist

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